The Board of Children of the World, we manage responsibly, the resources we receive with the greatest possible efficiency and transparency, in order to achieve the purpose for which they are provided, whether sponsorships or projects.

The association's accounts, approved annually by the General Assembly, can be consulted by the members in our headquarters.

Each year we present the accounts and the activity report in the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Andorra.

The sponsorships

The godfathers offer, according to each program, different amounts and are distributed in different ways, but always for the schooling of the children:

In the sponsorship programs of Nicaragua and Peru, it is the manager of the program that manages the money.

In the Philippines *, Vietnam and Chile, the manager delivers it to parents or guardians, so they take care of the children's needs.

The expenses generated by the children of Cambodia are managed by the Councilor delegated by the Board of Children of the World.

Children of the World retain € 6 from the programs of Nicaragua, Peru, Vietnam and Chile, which serve to:

Expenditures of operation of the association (light, telephone, office supplies).

Guarantee the continuity of sponsorship, when the sponsors are discharged.

Expenses of university studies or FP of the children, when the godfathers can not assume it.

Emergencies due to natural disasters, which directly affect our children.

Provide financial support to sponsorship programs.

Cover 30% of the annual projects we carry out with the M.I. Government of Andorra and the other projects.

* In the Philippine program, of the € 22 provided by the godfathers, IdM we provide € 3 per child, because the country's GDP is higher and not enough.

In Cambodia, the godfather's / godmother's contribution is transmitted entirely to Home IdM-Cambodia.


They must meet strict criteria of relevance, efficiency, efficiency, impact, viability and sustainability, with later autonomy in the constructions and continuity in the rest of the project and always for the benefit of the children, are studied by the Board of the association.

Every year we opt for the subsidies granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Andorra, which awarded a maximum of 70% of the total cost of the project, the remaining 30% we contribute thanks to private donations and the contribution of the sponsors and partners.

The Association of Banks of Andorra (ABA) Ordino and La Massana Communes, anonymous or nominal donations and fundraising activities that we organize annually finance other projects.

The ELSER Foundation has been working for years with the Cambodian Children's Home, with a very important contribution to collaborating in different aspects, for the proper functioning of the project.

The Morabanc Solidarity Card, which doubles the contributions that our clients give us, liquidates the expenses incurred by the IdM-Cambodia home volunteers, (stay), shipment of material and other activities.

Economic compensation of the association

The members of the Board of IdM-Andorra, we do it altruistically, and if we want to go to visit the children and the programs we assume all the expenses.

Two of the sponsorship program managers receive a small quarterly compensation, due to their precarious personal situation.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Chancellor of the Home of Cambodia, are expatriates and receive a bonus for the work they do, to which they dedicate their entire lives, and they are the engine. Home staff, made up of 13 people and all of Cambodian nationality, have their salary set according to the parameters of the country.