The godfather will had students and will receive a report and photography, the age, which grade study, the school, names and the reason why the students join the project.

The idea is to exchange letters between them to know each other and to enhance the relationship. The godparent will know the evolution of the student in the school and his/her life, their school qualifications and receive pictures.

The sponsorship programs of Philippines, Chile, Peru and Vietnam is of 22 Euros/month.

The project of Cambodia is managed by an Adviser of the Llar, that gives the opportunity not only to the children that lives in the centre but tries to give support to the maximum students and their families from the community of Cambodia and the present are more than 400 students.

The funding received by the godparent it is not enough to cover all the cost of those classes and it is indispensable for us to gather more funding. That the Centre generates, and other economic contributions are to us indispensable.

The children with godparents that are living in the centre are orphan or from families with a high risk of abuse or neglect. By living in the Llar their basic needs are covered (health, hygiene, food, clothing, school material, support classes,) In the Llar, they received the affection that is needed in order to overcome their difficulties, helping them to set clear objectives and to be able to reach them.

The students with godparent that live in the community of Rohal, live with their families, attend to the support classes of the Llar, they are provided with the school material, school uniform, bicycle and health care for them and their families in the case is needed.

The day centre children with godparents have families in extreme poverty, who suffer symptoms of undernourishment. With the Day Centre program, they have 2 meals with the children of the Llar (breakfast and snack) the support classes, also we provide school material and school uniform, bicycle, hygiene and clothing. To some families it is provided to them periodically, rice to palliate the hunger of the rest of the families.

The sponsorship is of 30 or 36 Euros

The students with godparent finish secondary or high school, if they are interested and they have a good academic level, they can carry on with superior studies such as professional training or to go to the university, with the support of the godparents and/or from the Association.

The sponsorship is of 60 Euros.