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The Haiyan typhoon has been one of the strongest tropical cyclones registered. It was originated in a zone of low pressures in the west of the Pacific Ocean, with winds superiors to 240km/h devastating everything that was ahead, causing the death of more than 10,000 people and destroying thousands of public buildings and houses.

The foster home of the Chameleon association, which we have a sponsorship program, was seriously damages as the house around the neighbours.

The Andorran NGO platform made a campaign which we collected money for the reconstruction.

The dangerous state of the school of Anlog Thmor, forced the students to used only one of the classrooms in turns, and children from grade 4 had to walk 4km to study at the school Popel, but during raining season it is very hard for the young students to walk up to the school due to the bad state of the roads and most of them, stop going to class. Thanks to the construction of the new school of 3 classrooms, the 52 students of this village can attend their classes regularly.

Projects implemented

Every year we worked in a project that seeks for the greater possible impact in the improvement of the life of the children, their families and the community, creating infrastructures or in benefit of the health.

In order to realise them, we counted with the help of the Andorran Government by giving us grants, the support of public and private entities, of donors, partners and the godparents of the association