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We have built wells in the villages of Salacches, Popel and Poy Svay that did not have access to the drinkable water, avoiding therefore the transmission of serious diseases by the water consumption. In addition, we have solved the problem that had the well due to the filtrations, by building a new well in the Commune of Rohal.

The project improves the life of more than 800 people.

Although the education is free in Cambodia, there are not sufficient schools or teachers and most of them are not motivated or are committed to the education of the students due to the lack of motivation and wanting to learn more money. The weak public education system and the overpopulation of the classrooms also was a determining factor for us to establish the objectives of the Llar. The children and young students only receive classes half day and it is not enough to finalize the curricular program In order to help this situation, the Llar IdM-Cambodia organizes and finance free support classes for the students of the community.

The base of the education in the first cycle school is where the students develops their personality and acquires autonomy. It is important that aside from receiving classes, they develop their emotional balance that guarantees physical, intellectual answers to its needs and of socialization. This project assures that a greater number of children can attend to the classes of the Llar.

Projects implemented

Every year we worked in a project that seeks for the greater possible impact in the improvement of the life of the children, their families and the community, creating infrastructures or in benefit of the health.

In order to realise them, we counted with the help of the Andorran Government by giving us grants, the support of public and private entities, of donors, partners and the godparents of the association