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The village of Salacches is the second more populated in the Commune of Rohal. In its main primary school have more than 369 students. The children’s houses do not have the necessary conditions for the children to study and is very important that the schools are equipped with libraries, where the students can make their homework. In this project we have been associated with Room to Read, an international NGO that its objective is to ensure that children are able to read when they finish primary school. This NGO provides books, didactic and movable games, and in addition they are in charge of the formation of the personnel of the school so that they can implement suitable techniques to improve the learning of the reading.

The leaders of the communes are basic in the development of the rural areas and have to give answers to situations for which they are not prepared. Consequently, it has been decided to organize some trainings of formation: Resolution of conflicts and communitarian development and Decision making.

Projects implemented

Every year we worked in a project that seeks for the greater possible impact in the improvement of the life of the children, their families and the community, creating infrastructures or in benefit of the health.

In order to realise them, we counted with the help of the Andorran Government by giving us grants, the support of public and private entities, of donors, partners and the godparents of the association