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Snay is a rural village, away from the national highway, where 567 inhabitants live, the school of the commune was in very bad conditions, with wood and with the ceiling of uralite, in a single classroom there are 65 boys and girls 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of primary, in morning and afternoon lathes.

We have built a building of 3 classrooms, a deposit and a well of drinking water, which will benefit the whole village, on the grounds of the old school. With the new classrooms the children of Snay can study from maternity to 6th grade, avoiding that the 38 students of 4th, 5th and 6th have to walk on foot more than one kilometer to the school of Tekposa, in a space optimal to study.

The Cambodian society is very sexist, women depend on all aspects of husbands. The girls marry very soon, leaving the studies, to take care of the house and the family of the husband, that is increased with the own children. Illiteracy and the lack of training prevents many women, in spite of ill-treatment or the alcoholism of the husband, to abandon it. In case of divorce or abandonment, the woman, who mostly stays with her children, does not have any preparation to look for a job that will help her take care of her small family.

The goal is to support women by preparing them and accompanying them so they can face their life project with their children.

Projects implemented

Every year we worked in a project that seeks for the greater possible impact in the improvement of the life of the children, their families and the community, creating infrastructures or in benefit of the health.

In order to realise them, we counted with the help of the Andorran Government by giving us grants, the support of public and private entities, of donors, partners and the godparents of the association