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WHAT DO we do and HOW we do it

Our goal is to transform the lives of children from poor families in developing countries, in order to avoid the exclusion in the society of his country.

God parenting/Sponsorship

Godfather offers the opportunity to a child to have education, nutrition, healthcare and basic needs covered. Every godfather/godmother has child personal data, the school to which he/she attends and the course they do, and why they joined to the program.

The godparents receive letters from the children on a regular basis, and can visit them in their country if they wish to. Sponsors receive the school qualifications, drawings and letters of the children and a photo to see how they grow each year. For the children, to receive a letter from their godparent or sponsor is very rewarding, because they realize how important are to them.

In principle, the sponsorship programs were for children to study up to secondary cycle, but we encourage those who are good students to follow university studies or professional training.

The sponsorship program seeks to ensure that the children are happy, infusing them values that for us are essential for its future, the joy of living, love for others, harmony with nature, the determination to work for a better future, the enthusiasm for the tasks, the generosity with colleagues, honesty in what you do, the humility in success, the patience to get what it wants and tolerance with your own mistakes and the others.

Humanitarian project

We carry out one or more projects per year for the benefit of the children, their families and the community. To deal with emergency situations, we promote the social emancipation of the marginal groups; encourage the integration into the development and equality of opportunity for children, regardless of their country of birth, making educational structures to bring education, health and shelter.

To carry out the projects we follow guidelines adamant:

  • To aim and detection of needs
  • To design, cost and sustainability of the project
  • To study the economic feasibility
  • Participation of beneficiaries and degree of future autonomy
  • To create indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Efficient tracking management
  • Resources and funds