Our history begins in 1994 when, during a trip for Vietnam, the guide explained us how the nuns of the Immaculate Conception of Hue had founded a centre to help the disadvantage, especially children, with the support of the French association called Enfants du Mekong. On our return to Andorra, we contact the Association in Paris to expose our interest to cooperate with them, and soon we were the Andorran delegation of Enfants du Mekong, promoting as well the sponsorship with the purpose of schooling the maximum number of children that we could.

But alas, it is not only the South-East Asia that has serious problems to give a decent life for their children. Meeting organizations that gave their support for schooling to children from other countries, we contacted them to collaborate with them. Enfants du Mekong works exclusively in those countries and raise them our desire to extend the help to other countries and they proposed us to separate for them and continue on our way. Thus, on 1 December 1999 we founded Infants del Món Andorran.


To identify the difficulties and promote the development of communities, promoting a process of social, economic and cultural change for the sake of the children.

At Infants Del Món, we work in favour of children and young people, offering them a worthy present and to avoid the social exclusion in their adult life, through sponsorship and scholarships.

We develop humanitarian projects that improve the lives of the children, their families and the community in which they live.


The countries which we are working with have a common past: fratricidal wars, invasions, exploitation of resources by foreigners and authoritarian governments that have poured into an inevitable decline and an imbalance in their own society.

The cooperation with those countries must be an exchange among equals and enriching for both sides. Promoting the development in order to achieve the eradication of poverty without being limited to funding, requires a general consistency between the long-term goals and the actions and concrete initiatives that are made, as well as the results pursued and the media used.

We strive every day to be a responsible, flexible, innovative and committed association. We work to promote effectively the conditions of equity and to get better opportunities for human beings, to develop all their potential and provide a comprehensive response to the challenge of child poverty. And we work for the children to develop physically, mentally and spiritually with dignity, respecting their cultural values and capabilities.


Those who are Infants del Món , we share values that help us to move forward, despite the difficulties, to achieve a better world.

We believe in solidarity as an act of Justice with the most vulnerable, in particular children and women.

We fight against poverty to ensure the Children’s Rights.

We have a commitment to children, young people and their families and work for the social transformation of their environment with the aim of achieving a better world.

We practice the complicity with native organizations in each country to respect their culture and to collaborate togehter to share the knowledge.

We are an independent organization to ensure the quality and the opinion and we learn from our own experiences. We firmly believe in our ability to change the lives of children because we have taken the necessary actions to get useful results and impact. We are open in respect to the information and communication of the organization.